ELRS Post: Week of Nov. 23rd


This week’s Environmental Law Review Syndicate post, Is CITES Endangered?, was authored by our very own Submissions Editor, Liz Rasheed. Way to go, Liz!

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ELRS Post: Week of Nov. 16th


This week’s post has been submitted to the Environmental Law Review Syndicate by Gillian Schroff, the Form & Style Editor for Environmental Law at Lewis and Clark Law School. Her piece is titled What is Reasonable?: The Consideration of Economic Effects in Reasonable and Prudent Alternatives Under the Endangered Species Act.

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ELRS Post: Week of Nov. 9

snow-landscape-mountains-nature (1)

This week’s Environmental Law Review Syndicate post comes from Kristen Rodgers, a Note Editor on the Vermont Environmental Law Journal.

Her post is titled Trying to Find a Balance: Agricultural Land Conservation vs. Development in the Green Mountain State.

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Issues 23.1 and 23.2 posted!

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If you’re on the hunt for top-notch academic scholarship on environmental law, look no further–the first two issues of Volume 23 are now available online!

Take a look at articles and student notes from issues 23.1 and 23.2 here.

New ELRS Post!


This week’s post, A Perfect Storm for Michigan’s Renewable Portfolio Standard?, is written by Sarah Stellberg, Editor-in-Chief of the Michigan Journal for Environmental and Administrative Law.

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Environmental Law Review Syndicate: First Post!


The first student-written piece of scholarship submitted to the Environmental Law Review Syndicate is now available on the NYU Environmental Law Journal website!

The piece, titled “A Leading Cause of Everything: One Industry That Is Destroying Our Planet and Our Ability to Thrive on It,” was written by Christopher Hyner, a 3L at Georgetown University Law Center and a Managing Editor for the Georgetown Environmental Law Review.

Read the piece here.

NYU Environmental Law Journal has joined the Environmental Law Review Syndicate!


NYU Environmental Law Journal is part of a cooperative syndicate of leading environmental law journals known as the Environmental Law Review Syndicate. The Syndicate functions as a multi-school online forum run by student leaders of participating journals. Each week, a participating journal submits a student-written piece of scholarship for publication on each member journal’s website. Please direct any questions or inquiries about the Environmental Law Review Syndicate to: ELRSyndicate@gmail.com.

Volume 21 and 22 Posted


Check out our newest issues with the latest news on environmental law and legislation. Some of our brightest legal colleagues are letting us know what they think about our society’s impact and the legal implications.

Find Volume 21 Issues 1-3 here

Find Volume 22 Issue 1 here