Volume 18

Issue 1: Symposium Issue: The New Regulatory Climate: Greenhouse Gas Regulation in the Obama Administration Symposium Articles

Nathaniel Keohane, The Urgency of U.S. Action on Climate Change, and the Prospects for Legislation

Roger R. Martella, Jr., Climate Change Along the Northeast Corridor: How Washington and New York are Approaching and Preparing for Greenhouse Gas Controls

Nora Mead Brownell and Kristine M. Schmidt, Capping Carbon Without Reinventing the Wheel


Edna Sussman et al., Climate Change Adaptation: Fostering Progress Through Law and Regulation

Jeremy Suttenberg, Lisa London, and Tison Campbell, Unresolved Conflicts: How Revisiting NEPA Section 102(2)(E) Could Increase Efficiency, Simplify Government, and Save Taxpayers Money

Students Articles

Jessica Almy, Taking Aim at Hunting on National Park Service Lands

Issue 2


Michael P. Vandenbergh & Mark A. Cohen, Climate Change Governance: Boundaries and Leakage

Wendy Wagner, Elizabeth Fisher, and Pasky Pascual, Misunderstanding Models in Environmental and Public Health Regulation

Students Articles

Bharathi Pillai, Moving Forward to 2012: An Evaluation of the Clean Development Mechanism

Danielle Spiegel, Can the Public Trust Doctrine Save Western Groundwater?

Issue 3


Maron Greenleaf, Using Carbon Rights to Curb Deforestation and Empower Forest Communities

Justin Gundlach, What’s the Cost of A New Nuclear Power Plant? The Answer’s Gonna Cost You: A Risk-Based Approach to Estimating the Cost of New Nuclear Plants

Alec Jarvis, Sourcing Abatement Costs in an International Offset Credit Cap-and-Trade Regime

Jon Kalmuss-Katz, Eco Anti-Terrorism: EPA’s Role in Securing Our Nation’s Chemical Plants

Students Articles

Sara Gersen, The Potential of State Coal-Purchasing Legislation to Decrease Mountaintop Removal Mining