Volume 20

Issue 1

Michael C. Blumm, The Columbia River Gorge and the Development of American Natural Resources Law: A Century of Significance

Donald B. Myers Jr. & Paul A. Locke, Modernizing U.S. Chemicals Laws: How the Application of Twenty-First Century Toxicology Can Help Drive Legal Reform

Hari M. Osofsky, Kate Baxter-Kauf, Bradley Hammer, Ann Mailander, Brett Mares, Amy Pikovsky, Andrew Whitney & Laura Wilson, Environmental Justice and the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Issue 2

Patrick Wieland, Going Beyond Panaceas: Escaping Mining Conflicts in Resource-Rich Countries Through Middle-Ground Policies

Mark E. LeBel, Lack of Judicial CAIR: Chevron Deference and Market-Based Environmental Regulations

W. Devin Wagstaff, Fractured Pennsylvania: An Analysis of Hydraulic Fracturing, Municipal Ordinances, and the Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Act