Volume 22

Issue 1


John D. Echeverria, Koontz: The Very Worst Takings Decision Ever?

Daniel L. Siegel, Can Erroneous Permitting Delays Be Temporary Takings?

Robin Kundis Craig, Of Sea Level Rise and Superstorms: The Public Health Police Power as a Means of Defending Against “Takings” Challenges to Coastal Regulation

Issue 2

Student Articles

Jesse Cameron Glickhaus, Potential ICJ Advisory Opinion: Duties to Prevent Transboundary Harm from GHG Emissions

Zachary J.F. Kolodin, Standing to Challenge Regulatory Failure in the Age of Preemption

Student Essay Competition Winner

Hajin Kim, Eco-Labels and Competition: Eco-Certification Effects on the Market for Environmental Quality Provision

Issue 3

Joshua B. Horton, Andrew Parker, & David Keith, Liability for Solar Geoengineering: Historical Precedents, Contemporary Innovations, and Governance Possibilities

David A. Lewis, Identifying and Avoiding Conflicts Between Historic Preservation and the Development of Renewable Energy