Volume 24

Issue 24.1

Gerald Korngold, Semida Munteanu, & Lauren Elizabeth Smith, An Empirical Study of Modification and Termination of Conservation Easements: What the Data Suggest About Appropriate Legal Rules

Anthony E. Chavez, Using Legal Principles to Guide Geoengineering Deployment

Note: Rachel Scall, Bring Out Your Dead: An Examination of the Possibilities for Zoning Out Cemeteries Under RLUIPA


Issue 24.2

Jess R. Phelps, Preserving National Historic Landmarks?

Jeremy Suttenberg, Who Pays? The Consequences of State Versus Operator Liability Within the Context of Transboundary Environmental  Nuclear Damage

Note: Martha Fitzgerald, Prison or Precaution: Unilateral, State-Mandated Geoengineering Under Principles of International Environmental Law


Issue 24.3 (Symposium)

Sam Kalen, Muddling Through Modern Energy Policy: The Dormant Commerce Clause and Unmasking the Illusion of an Attleboro Line

Heather Payne, Incenting Green Technology: The Myth of Market-based Commercialization of No- and Low-Carbon Electricity Sources

Teresa Parejo-Navajas, The Energy Improvement of the Urban Existing Building Stock: A Proposal for Action Arising from Best Practice Examples