Volume 28

Issue 28.1Energy & Environmental Policy: The Quest for Rationality Symposium Issue

Richard L. Revesz, Introduction: Promoting Rationality at the Institute for Policy Integrity

Burcin Unel, Cheryl A. LaFleur & Andrew G. Place, Panel 1: Advancing Energy Policy

Michael A. Livermore, Megan Ceronsky, Richard Morgenstern & Vickie Patton, Panel 2: Economics & Environmental Policy

Jayni Foley Hein, Nada Wolff Culver, David J. Hayes & Brenda Mallory, Panel 3: Emerging Issues in Natural Resources

Gina McCarthy, Keynote Remarks

Article: Cass R. Sunstein, Valuing Environmental Labels

Note: Alexandra L. St. Romain, Distinguishing the Antiquities Act and OCSLA

Issue 28.2

Romany M. Webb, Climate Change, FERC, and Natural Gas Pipelines: The Legal Basis for Considering Greenhouse Gas Emissions Under Section 7 of the Natural Gas Act

Jamie Huffman, Mississippi v. Tennessee: Analysis and Implications

Note: Julia Kindlon, Can Fish Save the WTO: Current Problems and Potential Outcomes of the WTO Fisheries Subsidies Negotiations

Issue 28.3

Note: Kate Fritz, Public Pollution/Public Solution: A Framework for City-Led Toxic Tort Litigation

Note: Yolanda Borquaye, Co-Management of Ghana’s Gold: Proposals for a Policy and Legislative Framework to Address the Issue of Galamsey

Note: Zoe Palenik, The Social Cost of Carbon in the Courts: 2013-2019