Volume 27

Issue 27.1

Bethany A. Davis Noll & Burcin Unel, Markets, Externalities, and the Federal Power Act: The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Authority to Price Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Brie D. Sherwin, The Upside Down: A New Reality for Science at the EPA and Its Impact on Environmental Justice

Issue 27.2

Cinnamon P. Carlarne, Balancing Equity and Effectiveness: The Paris Agreement & the Future of International Climate Change Law

Carolyn Kelly, Where the Water Meets the Sky: How an Unbroken Line of Precedent From Justinian to Juliana Supports the Possibility of a Federal Atmospheric Public Trust Doctrine

Note: Lauren L. Sherman, A Warning for Environmental Warnings: Regulatory Uncertainty in the Face of First Amendment Litigation

Issue 27.3

Milton D. Ottensoser, Fifty Years Since the Brussels Conference on Marine Pollution

Note: Nathan Bishop, Green Bond Governance and the Paris Agreement

Note: Rachel Rothschild, State Nuisance Law and the Climate Change Challenge to Federalism