Volume 30

Issue 30.1 

Valerie J. Watnick, The “Roundup” Controversy: Glyphosate Litigation, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and Lessons for Toxic Regulation Going Forward 

Seema Kakade, Environmental Enforceability 

Note: Helen Sprainer, Air Quality Equity: Why the Clean Air Act Failed to Protect Low-Income Communities and Communities of Color from COVID-19

Issue 30.2

Clifford J. Villa, No “Box to Be Checked”: Environmental Justice in Modern Legal Practice

Note: Emily R. Stewart, Water Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied: An Examination of the California State Water Resources Control Board’s Mandatory Consolidation Authority

Note: Maxwell Nettler, Equity Through Efficiency: Rethinking Superfund Policy in Light of Tort Law-Provoked Environmental Racism

Issue 30.3

Akilah M. Browne and A. Michael Johnson, Public Land for Public Good: A Call for a Reparative Application of the Public Trust Doctrine in New York 

Sateesh Nori, The Ground Beneath Our Feet: Basement Apartments, Climate Change, and Housing Inequality 

Çaca Yvaire, Sentient Rains 

Leonardo Figueroa Helland, Indigenous Pathways Beyond the “Anthropocene”: Biocultural Climate Justice Through Decolonization and Land Rematriation 

Note: Krystle Okafor, Community Ownership in New York City: The Housing Development Fund Corporation