Volume 7

Issue 1


Philip Weinberg, Are Standing Requirements Becoming a Great Barrier Reef Against Environmental Actions?

Paul G. Harris, Common but Differentiated Responsibility: The Kyoto Protocol and United States Policy

Axel P. Gosseries The Legal Architecture of Joint Implementation: What Do We Learn from the Pilot Phase?

Student Article

Ira Kustin, Limiting Architects’ Liability for Indoor Air Pollution and Sick Building Syndrome

Issue 2


R. Brent Walton, Ellickson’s Paradox: It’s Suicide to Maximize Welfare

Chiara Giorgetti, From Rio to Kyoto: A Study of the Involvement of Non-governmental Organizations in the Negotiations on Climate Change

Student Article

Joe Mann, Making Sense of the Endangered Species Act: A Human-centered Justification 

Issue 3

Student Articles

Erika L. Preiss, The International Obligation to Conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment: The ICJ Case Concerning the Gabcikovo-Nagymaros Project

Jeffrey M. Hirsch, Emissions Allowance Trading Under the Clean Air Act: A Mode for Future Environmental Regulations?

Christine Golightly, The Oregon Coastal Salmon Restoration Initiative: A Flawed Attempt to Avoid ESA Listing