Volume 8

Issue 1


Sara Dillon, The Mirage of EC Environmental Federalism in a Reluctant Member State Jurisdiction

Brad D. Kern, Permitting the Take: An Analysis of Section 2081 of the California Endangered Species Act

Student Articles

Jennifer R. Yelin, Retroactivity Revisited: A Critical Appraisal of CERCLA’s Retroactive Liability Scheme in Light of Landgraf v. USI Film Products and Eastern Enterprises v. Apfel

Sean E. O’Day, School Trust Lands: The Land Manager’s Dilemma Between Educational Funding and Environmental Conservation, a Hobson’s Choice?

Issue 2


Thomas J. Schoenbaum, The Role of Mitigation and Conservation Measures in Achieving Compliance with Environmental Regulatory Statutes: Lessons from Section 316 of the Clean Water Act

Richard B. Stewartand Eric DeGroff, Raiders of the Lost ARCO: Resolving the Partial Settlement Credit Issue in Private Cost Recovery and Contribution Claims under CERCLA

Student Articles

Aaron P. Avila, Application of the Chevron Doctrine in the D.C. Circuit

Mariana T. Acevedo, The Intersection of Human Rights and Environmental Protection in the European Court of Human Rights

Book Review

Keri Ann Kilcommons, John Wargo’s Our Children’s Toxic Legacy: How Science and Law Fail to Protect Us from Pesticides

Issue 3 – Genetically Modified Organisms


Dorothy Nelkin, Philippe Sands, and Richard B. Stewart, The International Challenge of Genetically Modified Organism Regulation

Colloquium Articles

Ruth MacKenzie and Silvia Francescon, The Regulation of Genetically Modified Foods in the European Union: An Overview

Julian Kinderlerer, Genetically Modified Organisms: A European Scientist’s View

Arthur E. Appleton, The Labeling of GMO Products Pursuant to International Trade Rules

Willy De Greef, Regulatory Conflicts and Trade

Franz Xaver Perrez, Taking Consumers Seriously: The Swiss Regulatory Approach to Genetically Modified Food

Frank Loy, Statement on Biotechnology: A Discussion of Four Important Issues in the Biotechnology Debate

Paul Raeburn, Clamor Over Genetically Modified Foods Comes to the United States

Rafe Pomerance, The Biosafety Protocol: Cartagena and Beyond

Theofanis Christoforou, Settlement of Science-Based Trade Disputes in the WTO: A Critical Review of the Developing Case Law in the Face of Scientific Uncertainty

Student Articles

Julie Teel, Regulating Genetically Modified Products and Processes: An Overview of Approaches

Joshua M. Stone, Restraints on Competition Through the Alteration of the Environment at the Genetic Level