Volume 10

Issue 1


D. Bruce Johnsen, Customary Law, Scientific Knowledge, and Fisheries Management among Northwest Coast Tribes

Bonnie Docherty, Challenging Boundaries: The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and International Environmental Law Protection

Christopher A. Amato and Robert Rosenthal, Endangered Species Protection in New York after State v. Sour Mountain Realty, Inc.


Issue 2


Janet V. Siegel, Negotiating for Environmental Justice: Turning Polluters into “Good Neighbors” through Collaborative Bargaining

Craig N. Oren, Clean Air and Interstate Transport: Seeing the Big Picture

Jacqueline Peel, Confusing Product with Process: A Critique of the Application of Product-Based Tests to Environmental Process Standards in the WTO

Student Article

Joel C. Beauvais, Regulatory Expropriations under NAFTA: Emerging Principles & Lingering Doubts

Issue 3


Rebecca Bratspies, The Illusion of Care: Regulation, Uncertainty, and Genetically Modified Food Crops

Eric W. Sievers, Water, Conflict, and Regional Security in Central Asia

Student Article

Michelle M. Campana, Public Lands Grazing Fee Reform: Welfare Cowboys and Rolex Ranchers Wrangling with the New West