Volume 29

Issue 29.1

Walter W. Heiser, Floods, Fires and Inverse Condemnation

Eric V. Hull, Climate Change and Harmful Algal Blooms: Legal and Policy Responses to Protect Human Health, Marine Environments, and Coastal Economies

Note: Noelia Gravotta, A Great Nation Keeping Its Word: The Role of Tribal Treaty Rights in Climate Change Litigation

Issue 29.2

Megan Edwards, Katrina Fischer Kuh & Frederick A. McDonald, Scientific Gerrymandering & Bifurcation

Note: Bridget Pals, Taxes v. Torts: Which Will Make Fossil Fuel Producers Share Climate Change Burdens?

Note: Joshua Pitkoff, State Bans on Labeling for Alternative Meat Products: Free Speech and Consumer Protection

Issue 29.3 – The Future of the Regulatory State: In Celebration of Richard Stewart’s Fiftieth Year of Teaching

Richard B. Stewart, Foreword

Rachel E. Barkow, The Reformation of American Criminal Law

Lisa Heinzerling, Nondelegation on Steroids

David Schoenbrod, Richard Stewart’s Perennial Question: “How’s This Going to Work?”

Jerry L. Mashaw, Is Administrative Law at War with Itself?

Jonathan B. Wiener, Disregard and Due Regard

Richard L. Revesz, Poisoning America: A “Reasoned Consistency” Response to the Trump Administration’s Regulatory Shell Game

Cass R. Sunstein, Behaviorally Informed Mandates? Internalities, Externalities, and Fuel Economy Rules

E. Donald Elliott & Daniel C. Esty, The End Environmental Externalities Manifesto: A Rights-Based Foundation for Environmental Law

Richard J. Lazarus & Libby Dimenstein, Stewart’s Paradoxes of Liberty, Integrity, and Fraternity: Sobering Lessons from COVID-19 for Environmental Law

George William Van Cleve, Controlling Transboundary Pollution: The Case of Chesapeake Bay Restoration

Sabino Cassese, Ruling from Below: Common Constitutional Traditions and Their Role

Michael Oppenheimer, Whatever Works: The Long and Winding Road Toward Climate Action

Kristina Daugirdas, Funding Global Governance

Annie Petsonk, How Professor Stewart has Promoted Equity, Effectiveness, and Transparency in Environmental Law: A Practitioner’s View

James T. B. Tripp, Richard B. Stewart: A Personal Account and Role at EDF

Jane Bloom Stewart, Adventures with Dick and Jane in Environmental Law