Volume 12

Issue 1

Keynote Address

James L. Connaughton, Modernizing the National Environmental Policy Act: Back to the Future

Colloquium Articles

Michael B. Gerrard and Michael Herz, Harnessing Information Technology to Improve the Environmental Impact Review Process

Sharon Buccino, NEPA under Assault: Congressional and Administrative Proposals Would Weaken Environmental Review and Public Participation

James T.B. Tripp and Nathan G. Alley, Streamlining NEPA’s Environmental Review Process: Suggestions for Agency Reform

D. Evan van Hook, Judith Auer Shaw, and Kenneth J. Kloo, The Challenge of Brownfield Clusters: Implementing a Multi-Site Approach for Brownfield Remediation and Reuse

John H. Knox, Assessing the Candidates for a Global Treaty on Transboundary Environmental Impact Assessment

Angela Z. Cassar and Carl E. Bruch, Transboundary Environmental Impact Assessment in International Watercourse Management

Student Articles

Carrie Noteboom, Addressing the External Effects of Internal Environmental Decisions: Public Access to Environmental Information in the International Law Commission’s Draft Articles on Prevention of Transboundary Harm

Brian H. Potts, A Clearer Skies Proposal: The Multi-Category Ratio Approach

Issue 2

Colloquium Article

Bradley C. Karkkainen, Whither NEPA?


Fred Bosselman, A Dozen Biodiversity Puzzles

Steven Ferrey, Sustainable Energy, Environmental Policy, and States’ Rights: Discerning the Energy Future Through the Eye of the Dormant Commerce Clause

Student Articles

Casey Cohn, The Brownfields Revitalization and Environmental Restoration Act: Landmark Reform or a “Trap for the Unwary”?

Issue 3 Colloquium Issue: Transboundary Water Allocation in the Twenty-first Century

Colloquium Articles

James C. McMurray and A. Dan Tarlock, The Law of Later-Developing Riparian States: The Case of Afghanistan

Joseph W. Dellapenna, Interstate Struggles over Rivers: The Southeastern States and the Struggle over the ‘Hooch’

George William Sherk, The Management of Interstate Water Conflicts in the Twenty-first Century: Is it Time to Call Uncle?

Student Essay Competition

David G. Alderson, Buyouts and Conservation Permits: A Market Approach to Address the Federal Public Land Grazing Problem

Seth A. Schofield, In Search of the Institution in Institutional Controls: The Failure of the Small Business Liability Relief and Brownfields Revitalization Act of 2002 and the Need for Federal Legislation