Volume 13

Issue 1


Avi Brisman, The Aesthetics of Wind Energy Systems

Student Articles

Benjamin L. Snowden, Bargaining in the Shadow of Uncertainty: Understanding the Failure of the ACF and ACT Compacts

Erik B. Bluemel, Perry Chen, and Cary Hirschstein, Assessing the Impacts of New York City ‘s Lead Paint Legislation (Local Law 1 of 2004) on the Housing Market

Janine Maney, Carbon Dioxide Emissions, Climate Change, and the Clean Air Act: An Analysis of Whether Carbon Dioxide Should Be Listed as a Criteria Pollutant

Issue 2


Michelle T. Friedland, You Call That Organic? – The USDA’s Misleading Food Regulations


Jack Van Doren, Environmental Law and the Regulatory State: Postmodernism Rears Its “Ugly” Head?

Student Articles

Tom Laughlin, Evaluating New Federalism Arguments in the Area of the Environment: The Search for Empirical Measures

Russell E. Bowman, Global Cornerstones for Environmental Recovery in Iraq : A Comparative Law and Policy Analysis of Lessons in Environmental Response and Remediation

Issue 3


Jonathan Z. Cannon, Adaptive Management in Superfund: Thinking Like a Contaminated Site

Daniel Riesel & Dan Chorost, When Regulatory Universes Collide: Environmental Regulation in the Workplace

Alan Khee-Jin Tan, The ASEAN Agreement on Transboundary Haze Pollution: Prospects for Compliance and Effectiveness in Post-Suharto Indonesia

Student Articles

Dallas DeLuca, One for Me and One for You: An Analysis of the Initial Allocation of Fishing Quotas

Robert Fox Elder, Protecting New York City’s Community Gardens

Student Essay Competition

Erica M. Zimmerman, Valuing Traditional Ecological Knowledge: Incorporating the Experiences of Indigenous People into Global Climate Change Policies