Volume 14

Issue 1

Colloquium Articles

Barry G. Rabe, Mikael Román, and Arthur N. Dobelis, State Competition as a Source Driving Climate Change Mitigation

Kristen H. Engel, Mitigating Global Climate Change in the United State: A Regional Approach

David A. Dana, State Brownfields Programs as Laboratories of Democracy?

William W. Buzbee, Contextual Environmental Federalism

Jonathan H. Adler, Jurisdictional Mismatch in Environmental Federalism

Robert L. Fischman, Cooperative Federalism and Natural Resources Law

Issue 2


Michael J. Robinson-Dorn, The Trail Smelter: Is What’s Past Prologue? EPA Blazes a New Trail for CERCLA

Jeffrey W. Henquinet and Tracy Dobson, The Public Trust Doctrine and Sustainable Ecosystems: A Great Lakes Fisheries Case Study

Student Articles

Robert W. Eberhardt, Federalism and the Siting of Offshore Wind Energy Facilities

Jason Schwartz, “Whose Woods These Are I Think I Know”: How Kyoto May Change Who Controls Biodiversity

Terra Lawson-Remer, Values Under Siege: NAFTA, GATS, and the Propertization of Resources

Issue 3


Lisa Heinzerling, Knowing Killing and Environmental Law

Jim Wedeking, Addressing Judicial Resistance to Reciprocal Reliance Standing in Administrative Challenges to Environmental Regulations

Student Articles

Amanda R. Garcia, The Sage Grouse Debate: Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Discourse of the Endangered Species Act

L. Margaret Barry, Refusing to Relegate Happiness To Heaven? The United States ‘ Protection of Domestic Species with Viable Foreign Populations

Katherine Renshaw, Sounding Alarms: Does Informational Regulation Help or Hinder Environmentalism?

Susan J. Kurkowski, Distributing the Right to Pollute in the European Union: Efficiency, Equity, and the Environment

Student Essay Competition

Albert G. McCarraher, IV, The Phantom Menace: Invasive Species