Volume 15

Issue 1

Colloquium Articles

Fred Bosselman, The Ecological Advantages of Nuclear Power

Robert R. Nordhaus, New Wine Into Old Bottles: The Feasibility of Greenhouse Gas Regulation Under the Clean Air Act

Gary C. Bryner, Challenges in Developing a Diverse Domestic Energy Portfolio: Integrating Energy and Climate Policy in the Western United States

Steven Ferrey, Why Electricity Matters, Developing Nations Matter, and Asia Matters Most of All

Roger K. Raufer, Sustainable Urban Energy Systems in China

Student Articles

Lee Pollack, The “New” Commerce Clause: Does Section 9 of the ESA Pass Constitutional Muster After Gonzalez v. Raich?

Issue 2


Alastair Cameron, Is There Hope for the Fish?: The Post-Arbitration Effectiveness of the Convention for the Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna

Student Articles

Kevin J. Lynch, Application of the Public Trust Doctrine to Modern Fishery Management Regimes

Brian E. Schartz, Fishing for a Rule in a Sea of Standards: A Theoretical Justification for the Boldt Decision

James A. Hobbs, Pollution and the Doctrine of Double Effect: A Reply to Heinzerling

Issue 3


Todd Stedeford and Amanda S. Persad, The Influence of Carcinogenicity Classification and Mode of Action Characterization on Distinguishing “Like Products” Under Article III:4 of the GATT and Article 2.1 of the TBT Agreement

Andrew Long, Defining the “Nature” Protected by the Endangered Species Act: Lessons from Hatchery Salmon

Student Article

Aaron J. Yowell, That’s Where We Print the Money: Trading Increased Density for Public Amenities

Student Essay Competition Winner

Christine H. Kim, Piercing the Veil of Toxic Ignorance: Judicial Creation of Scientific Research