Volume 16

Issue 1

Colloquium Articles

Edna Sussman, Reshaping Municipal and County Laws to Foster Green Building, Energy Efficiency, and Renewable Energy

Christopher Carr and Flavia Rosembuj, Flexible Mechanisms for Climate Change Compliance: Emission Offset Purchases Under the Clean Development Mechanism


Michael B. Kent, Jr., Construing the Canon: An Exegesis of Regulatory Takings Jurisprudence After Lingle v. Chevron

Dinmukhamed Eshanov, The Role of Multinational Corporations from the Neoinstitutionalist and International Law Perspectives: The Concept of the Three-Level Game

Student Article

Jeremy Linden, At the Bus Depot: Can Administrative Complaints Help Stalled Environmental Justice Plaintiffs?

Issue 2


Ronald G. Aronovsky, A Preemption Paradox: Preserving the Role of State Law in Private Cleanup Cost Disputes

Eric Dannenmaier, Executive Exclusion and the Cloistering of the Cheney Energy Task Force

Jordan C. Kahn, A Golden Opportunity for NAFTA

Student Article

Kathleen Chandler Schmid, The Depletion of the Superfund and Natural Resource Damages

Issue 3

Student Articles

Ilmi M. Elijah Granoff, Peruvian Forest Law: Seeing the People for the Trees

Julie Martin, Enforcement for Construction Without PSD Permit and BACT Compliance

Lauren Giles Wishnie, NEPA for a New Century: Climate Change & the Reform of the National Environmental Policy Act

Amy J. Dona, Crossing the Border: The Potential for Trans-Boundary Endangered Species Conservation Banking

Student Essay Competition Winner

David Takacs, The Public Trust Doctrine, Environmental Human Rights, and the Future of Private Property