Volume 19

Issue 1

Symposium Keynote Address

Lisa Heinzerling, Environment, Justice, and Transparency: One Year In, A Reinvigorated Environmental Protection Agency


Shi-Ling Hsu, A Game-Theoretic Model of International Climate Change Negotiations

Mitchell A. Kane, Taxation and Multi-Period Global Cap and Trade

Michael A. Livermore, Can Cost-Benefit Analysis of Environmental Policy Go Global?

Sidney A. Shapiro, Cost-Benefit Analysis: An Organizational Design Perspective

Issue 2


Rebecca M. Bratspies, Human Rights and Environmental Regulation

Arthur G. Fraas and Nathan Richardson, Banking on Allowances: The EPA’s Mixed Record in Managing Emissions-Market Transitions

Student Articles

E. Nixon-Graf, A Gathering Storm: Climate Change as Common Nuisance or Political Question?

Kate Stanford, The Need for Chevron Step Zero in Judicial Review of Interpretations Developed by Fishery Management Councils

Issue 3


Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci & Josephine van Zeben, Legal and Market Uncertainty in Market-Based Instruments The Case of the EU ETS

Student Articles

Bryant Cannon, A Plea for Efficiency: The Voluntary Environmental Obligations of International Corporations and the Benefits of Information Standardization

Brandon D. Cunningham, Border Petrol: U.S. Challenges to Canadian Tar Sands Development

Nathaniel Kane, Twelve Honest and Lawful Men in the Land of Mist and Malaria: Jury Regulation of Common Rights in the English Fens in the Time of Enclosure

Jack Lienke, Sustainable Segregation? Assessing the Environmental Impact of the Westchester Fair Housing Settlement