Volume 21

Issue 1

Richard B. Stewart and Jane B. Stewart, Solving the Spent Nuclear Fuel Impasse

Jennifer Chen, The Efficiency and Management of the International Trade in Electronic Waste: Is There a Better Plan Than a Ban?

Issue 2

John Wood, Can We Teach Old Laws a New Risk? Federal Environmental Law, Risk Management Theory, and Contamination of U.S. Water Supplies with Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products

Scott J. Shackelford, Neither Magic Bullet nor Lost Cause: Land Titling and the Wealth of Nations

Anthony L. Moffa and Stephanie L. Safdi, Freedom from the Costs of Trade: A Principled Argument Against Dormant Commerce Clause Scrutiny of Goods Movement Policies

Issue 3

Benjamin K. Sovacool, Sara Imperiale, Alex Gilbert,
Jay Eidsness, and Brian Thomson, Troubled Waters: The Quest for Electricity in Water-Constrained China, France, India, and the United States

Akiva Fishman, From Broken Promises to Sustainable Forestry: Regulation of Private Forests in Liberia
Scott Snyder, The Waste Treatment Exclusion and the Dubious Legal Foundation for the EPA’s Definition of “Waters of the United States”