Volume 4

Issue 1


Richard J. Lazarusand Claudia M. Newman, City of Chicago v. Environmental Defense Fund: Searching for Plain Meaning in Unambiguous Ambiguity

Daniel S. Huffenus, Dollan Meets Nollan: Towards a Workable Takings Test for Development Exactions Cases

Student Articles

Sara A. Goldberg, Lender Liability Under CERCLA: Shaping a New Legal Rule

Ann M. Lininger, Liberalizing Standing for Environmental Plaintiffs in the European Union

Karen A. Scanna, The National Biological Survey: A Step Along the Path to Ecosystem Conservation

David M. Stuart, The Limitations of RCRA in the Prosecution of Responsible Corporate Employees

Book Annotations

Issue 2 – Risk Assessment in the Federal Government


Steven Russo, States, Citizens, and the Clean Water Act: State Administrative Enforcement and the Diligent Prosecution Defense

Kurt M. Rylander, Saving a Disappearing Exemption to CERCLA Liability

Nancy Perkins Spyke, From War Strategy to Waste Strategy: The Validity of Government CERCLA Liability for War Production Site Cleanups

Book Review

Frank B. Cross, Why Shouldn’t We Regulate the Worst Things First?

Student Articles

Allison Rees Armour-Garb, Minimizing Human Impacts on the Global Nitrogen Cycle: Nitrogen Fertilizer and Policy in The United States

Richard L. Cohen, Environmental Lessons for the Development of a Market-Based Community Reinvestment Act System

James P. Power, Reinvigorating Natural Resource Damage Actions Through the Public Trust Doctrine