Volume 6

Issue 1 – The Environmental Law Aspects of Space Exploration & Development

Colloquium Articles

Michael B. Gerrard and Anna W. Barber, Asteroids and Comets: U.S. and International Law and the Lowest-Probability, Highest Consequence Risk

Delbert D. Smith, The Technical, Legal, and Business Risks of Orbital Debris

Jonathan M. Epstein, The Role of the Global Positioning System in the Environment

Robert Puterski, The Global Positioning System – Just Another Tool?

Robert P. Merges and Glenn H. Reynolds, Space Resources, Common Property, and the Collective Action Problem

Lawrence D. Roberts, Ensuring the Best of All Possible Worlds: Environmental Regulation of the Solar System


Tamara L. Joseph, The Debate Over Environmental Standards in the European Community: A Race to the Top Rather Than a Race to the Bottom?

Monica Shah Desai, Disposing of United States v. CDMG Realty Co.: The Case Against the Application of CERCLA Liability for De Minimis Disturbances of Pre-Existing Contamination

Student Article

Ian S. Tattenbaum, Renewal for the 1990s: An Analysis of New York City Redevelopment Programs in Light of Title I of the United States Housing Act of 1949

Book Reviews

Herbert A. Posner, William R. Ginsberg and Philip Weinberg, Environmental Law and Regulation in New York

Daniele Ouellette, Richard L. Revesz, Foundations of Environmental Law and Policy

Issue 2 – The Endangered Species Act


David S. Wilcove, The Promise and the Disappointment of the Endangered Species Act


Karin P. Sheldon, Habitat Conservation Planning: Addressing the Achilles Heel of the Endangered Species Act

David S. Favre, The Risk of Extinction: A Risk Analysis of the Endangered Species Act as Compared to CITES

J.B. Ruhl, Who Needs Congress? An Agenda for Administrative Reform of the Endangered Species Act

Don L. Coursey, The Revealed Demand for a Public Good: Evidence from Endangered and Threatened Species

Stephen M. Meyer, The Economic Impact of the Endangered Species Act on the Housing and Real Estate Markets

Student Articles

Jessica B. Cooper, Environmental Refugees: Meeting the Requirements of the Refugee Definition

 Issue 3


Thomas G. Kelch, Toward a Non-Property Status for Animals

Michele Ochsner, Pollution Prevention: An Overview of Regulatory Incentives and Barriers

Student Articles

Miri Berlin, Environmental Auditing: Entering the Eco-Information Highway

Elizabeth deLone, Improving the Management of the Atlantic Tuna: The Duty to Strengthen the ICCAT in Light of the 1995 Straddling Stocks Agreement

Book Review

Emily Marden, The Revolution Ignored, A Critique of Cloning Human Beings: Report and Recommendations of the National Bioethics Advisory Commission