Volume 8

Issue 8.1

Sara Dillon, The Mirage of EC Environmental Federalism in a Reluctant Member State Jurisdiction

Brad D. Kern, Permitting the Take: An Analysis of Section 2081 of the California Endangered Species Act

Note: Jennifer R. Yelin, Retroactivity Revisited: A Critical Appraisal of CERCLA’s Retroactive Liability Scheme in Light of Landgraf v. USI Film Products and Eastern Enterprises v. Apfel

Note: Sean E. O’Day, School Trust Lands: The Land Manager’s Dilemma Between Educational Funding and Environmental Conservation, a Hobson’s Choice?

Issue 8.2

Thomas J. Schoenbaum, The Role of Mitigation and Conservation Measures in Achieving Compliance with Environmental Regulatory Statutes: Lessons from Section 316 of the Clean Water Act

Richard B. Stewart & Eric DeGroff, Raiders of the Lost ARCO: Resolving the Partial Settlement Credit Issue in Private Cost Recovery and Contribution Claims under CERCLA

Note: Aaron P. Avila, Application of the Chevron Doctrine in the D.C. Circuit

Note: Mariana T. Acevedo, The Intersection of Human Rights and Environmental Protection in the European Court of Human Rights

Book Review: Keri Ann Kilcommons, John Wargo’s Our Children’s Toxic Legacy: How Science and Law Fail to Protect Us from Pesticides

Issue 8.3 – Colloquium on Genetically Modified Organisms

Foreword: Dorothy Nelkin, Philippe Sands, & Richard B. Stewart, The International Challenge of Genetically Modified Organism Regulation

Ruth MacKenzie & Silvia Francescon, The Regulation of Genetically Modified Foods in the European Union: An Overview

Julian Kinderlerer, Genetically Modified Organisms: A European Scientist’s View

Arthur E. Appleton, The Labeling of GMO Products Pursuant to International Trade Rules

Willy De Greef, Regulatory Conflicts and Trade

Franz Xaver Perrez, Taking Consumers Seriously: The Swiss Regulatory Approach to Genetically Modified Food

Frank Loy, Statement on Biotechnology: A Discussion of Four Important Issues in the Biotechnology Debate

Paul Raeburn, Clamor Over Genetically Modified Foods Comes to the United States

Rafe Pomerance, The Biosafety Protocol: Cartagena and Beyond

Theofanis Christoforou, Settlement of Science-Based Trade Disputes in the WTO: A Critical Review of the Developing Case Law in the Face of Scientific Uncertainty

Note: Julie Teel, Regulating Genetically Modified Products and Processes: An Overview of Approaches

Note: Joshua M. Stone, Restraints on Competition Through the Alteration of the Environment at the Genetic Level