Volume 9

Issue 1


Thomas O. McGarity, The Clean Air Act at a Crossroads: Statutory Interpretation and Longstanding Administrative Practice in the Shadow of the Delegation Doctrine

Philip J. Harter, Assessing the Assessors: The Actual Performance of Negotiated Rulemaking

Jody Freeman and Laura I. Langbein,  Regulatory Negotiation and the Legitimacy Benefit

Student Articles

Allison F. Gardner, Environmental Monitoring’s Undiscovered Country: Developing a Satellite Remote Monitoring System to Implement the Kyoto Protocol’s Global Emissions-Trading Program

Issue 2


John D. Echeverria, Changing the Rules by Changing the Players: The Environmental Issue in State Judicial Elections

Randall S. Abate and Dayna E. Mancuso, It’s All About What You Know: The Specific Intent Standard Should Govern “Knowing” Violations of the Clean Water Act

Michael Holley, The EPA’S Pesticide Export Policy: Why the United States Should Restrict the Export of Unregistered Pesticides To Developing Countries

Cary Coglianese, Assessing the Advocacy of Negotiated Rulemaking: A Response to Philip Harter

Issue 3

Student Articles

R.S. Radford and J. David Breemer, Great Expectations: Will Palazzolo v. Rhode Island Clarify the Murky Doctrine of Investment-Backed Expectations in Regulutory Takings Law?

Keri Ann Kilcommons, A Survey Of Supreme Court Takings Jurisprudence: The Impact Of Del Monte Dunes on Nollan , Dolan , Agins , and Lucas


Robert H. Levin, When Forever Proves Fleeting: The Condemnation and Conversion of Conservation Land

Russel Unger, Brandishing the Precautionary Principle Through the Alien Tort Claims Act