Volume 1

Issue 1

Dean’s Introduction

Editors’ Introduction


Lucy Billings, Developing Regulations for the Safe Abatement of Lead Paint

Ellen M. Spindler, Reforming New York City’s Environmental Quality Review (CEQR): Site Specific Adjudicative Zoning Approvals

Marion M. Walsh, The Dischargeability of Post-Confirmation CERCLA Liability in Bankruptcy: In re Chateaugay and Beyond

Student Articles

Roger Reynolds, Reconstructing the Social Contract: A Principle-Based Defense of Species Preservation

Bernard A. Weintraub, Science, International Environmental Regulation, and the Precautionary Principle: Setting Standards and Defining Terms

Book Reviews

Eric A. Goldstein, Garreau, Edge City: Life on the New Frontier

Philip Weinberg, Hiss, The Experience of Place: A New Way of Looking At and Dealing With Our Radically Changing Cities and Countryside