Volume 2


Issue 1


Daniel R. Hansen, Environmental Regulation and Just Compensation: The National Priorities List as a Taking

Bradford C. Mank, Superfund Contractors and Agency Capture

Student Articles

Benjamin Hershkowitz, Analysis of the Household Waste Exclusion for Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator Ash – 42 U.S.C. § 6921(i)

Jeffrey Spear, Remedy Selection Under CERCLA and Our Responsibilities to Future Generations

J. Andrew Williams, Society of the Plastics Industry v. County of Suffolk: New Barriers to SEQRA Standing in New York?

Book Reviews

Michael B. Gerrard, Portney, Siting Hazardous Waste Treatment Facilities: The NIMBY Syndrome

Issue 2: Colloquium on the Implications of Secrecy in Environmental Law


Editors’ Introduction

Jill E. Fisch, Captive Courts: The Destruction of Judicial Decisions by Agreement of the Parties

Eric R. Max, Confidentiality in Environmental Mediation

Donald Stever, The Private Sector’s Need for Environmental Secrecy: Product Regulation and the Secrecy of Proprietary Information

Richard B. Stewart, Confidentiality in Government Enforcement Proceedings

Jack B. Weinstein, Factors in Determining the Degree of Public Availability of Judicial Opinions

Diane Leenheer Zimmerman, Scientific Speech in the 1990s

Michael B. Gerrard, The Dynamics of Secrecy in the Environmental Impact Statement Process

Jacqueline M. Warren, Problems Encountered with Confidentiality Bars on Toxic Substances Disclosure Imposed by Federal Environmental Statutes

Stephen Dycus, NEPA Secrets

Laurent R. Hourcle, Military Secrecy and Environmental Compliance

R. Bradford Stiles, Environmental Law and the Central Intelligence Agency: Is There a Conflict Between Secrecy and Environmental Compliance?

James Werner, Secrecy and Its Effect on Environmental Problems in the Military: An Engineer’s Perspective

Book Review

David L. Markell, Gerrard, Environmental Law Practice Guide