Volume 5

Issue 1


Brent Hendricks, Postmodern Possibility and the Convention on Biological Diversity

Stephen M. Johnson, United States v. Lopez: A Misstep, but Hardly Epochal for Federal Environmental Regulation

John Nivala, The Future for Our Past: Preserving Landmark Preservation

Student Articles

John J. Fahsbender, An Analytical Approach to Defining the Affected Neighborhood In the Environmental Justice Context

Kerry E. Rodgers, The ISO Environmental Standards Initiative

Issue 2


Richard A. Epstein, A Conceptual Approach to Zoning: What’s Wrong with Euclid


David L. Shapiro, Statutory Dilemmas in the Regulation of the Environment

Statutory Interpretation Articles

William W. Buzbee, Regulatory Reform or Statutory Muddle: The “Legislative Mirage” of Single Statute Regulatory Reform

Michael P. Healy, The Attraction and Limits of Textualism: The Supreme Court Decision in PUD No. 1 of Jefferson County v. Washington Department of Ecology

Bradford C. Mank, Protecting the Environment for Future Generations: A Proposal for a “Republican” Superagency

John Copeland Nagle, The Missing Chinese Environmental Law Statutory Interpretation Cases

Richard B. Stewart, Environmental Statutory Interpretation in China and the United States

Statutory Interpretation: Student Articles

Christopher S. Hooper, Limiting the Use of Emissions Allowances: A Statutory Analysis of Title IV of the 1990 Amendments to the Clean Air Act

Lisa K. Sachs, Strict Construction of the Rule of Lenity in the Interpretation of Environmental Crimes

David A. Schlesinger, Chevron Unlatined: The Inapplicability of the Canon Noscitur A Sociis Under Prong One of the Chevron Framework

Issue 3


Stephen H. Burrington, Restoring the Rule of Law and Respect for Communities in Transportation

Paul Stanton Kibel, Reconstructing the Marketplace: The International Timber Trade and Forest Protection

Student Articles

Kate Sinding, The Transboundary Movement of Waste: A Critical Comparison of U.S. Interstate Policy and the Emerging International Regime

Robert Wilson, Environmental Regulation of the Human Gene Pool as a Genetic Commons

Book Annotations

Erika Preiss, Stephen Dycus, National Defense and the Environment

Gerald J. Russello, Robert Elliot, Environmental Ethics