Volume 23

Issue 23.1

Allison R. Mahaney, Charting Off Course: National Marine Planning Without Legal Authority to Preserve Marine Resources

Gabriel Eckstein, Drugs on Tap: Managing Pharmaceuticals in Our Nation’s Waters

James M. Van Nostrand, Keeping the Lights on During Superstorm Sandy: Climate Change Adaptation and the Resiliency Benefits of Distributed Generation


Issue 23.2

Vanessa Casado-Perez, Missing Water Markets: A Cautionary Tale of Governmental Failure

Bruce Friedrich, Still in the Jungle: Poultry Slaughter and the USDA

 NotePatrice Wylly, Evaluating the Costs of Technology Neutrality in Light of the Importance of Social Network Influences and Bandwagon Effects for Innovation Diffusion


Issue 23.3

Donald J. Kochan, Keepings

Hope M. Babcock, What Can Be Done, If Anything, About the Dangerous Penchant of Public Trust Scholars to Overextend Joseph Sax’s Original Conception: Have We Produced a Bridge Too Far?

Note: Yael R. Lifshitz, Winds of Change: Drawing on Water Law Doctrines to Establish Wind Law