Volume 26

Issue 26.1

Maxwell C. Smith, Anita Ghosh, & Catherine E. Kanatas, Death v. Taxes: Agency Approaches to Setting Safety Goals Using Risk Management in an Evolving Legal Environment

Kevin O. Leske, “Un-Shelfing” Lands Under the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (OCSLA): Can a Prior Executive Withdrawal Under Section 12(A) be Trumped by a Subsequent President?

Note: Alex Walker, Regulating Microtransit in San Francisco: Greener Transportation or the End of Public Transit For All?

Issue 26.2

David Takacs, Are Koalas Fungible? Biodiversity Offsetting and the Law

Emeka Duruigbo, Fracking and the NIMBY Syndrome

Note: Julia A. Quigley, Payments in Lieu of Trouble: Nonprofit Pilots as Extortion or Efficient Public Finance?

Issue 26.3

Danielle Spiegel-Feld & Lauren Sherman, Expanding Green Roofs in New York City: Towards a Location-Specific Tax Incentive

Colin Crawford, Access to Justice for Four Billion: Urban and Environmental Options and Challenges

Note: Stephanie H. Jones, Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts: The Integration of Environmental Justice Advocacy and Economic Policy Analysis